We loved this place at first sight!

Spain has always been close to our hearts. Its culture, people, tastes, smells, nature. Tomek was fascinated especially as the homeland of the guitar. Magda was seduced by Gaudi many years ago.

We are Poles who have also discovered a Spanish soul within us.

During the lockdown, traveling on the map with our finger, we discovered this place and our first house - beautiful, traditional, Andalusian. Despite the virus, closed borders, offices, canceled flights - on January 17, 2020, we crossed the threshold of our home for the first time, and after 3 days we signed a notarial deed and opened this chapter of our lives!

Nature was raging around us, almond trees were blooming in Sorvilán, and ideas were running wild in our heads. Dreams – and this is still the case today. Every day we wake up with new ideas, we invent, create, change. Sometimes with a drill, sometimes with a hoe, sometimes with a brush and always with sparks of joy in our eyes and a smile on our lips. Sorvilán and its inhabitants inspire us every day.

And our wonderful guests motivate us to continue working. Thank you for your kind words, for appreciating our effort and sharing with us your love for this unique place. We hope that by visiting Casa Amigos de Sorvilán you will write with us the next chapters of the book about Sorvilán, which will surely be written one day. Welcome!


I have been a lawyer all my professional life, now I am changing my professional path, I decided to create a good place for people to truly rest, breathe and have close relationships with others. To create a place that is creative and also full of music, because I am passionate about the guitar - and where else should the guitar be heard every day, if not in Andalusia? What I love about Sorvilán is that I can develop my passions! I hope that our crazy project is just spreading its wings.


As a psychologist, I have always been involved in various projects related to social change and creating a good quality of life. Changes are part of my life. I already exchanged a big city for a house with a garden next to the forest - and a herd of dogs and cats.

Now I am settling in Andalusia. With great passion, joy and commitment, every day I create in a very practical and everyday way a place where I hope our guests experience the magic of this monumental nature and, at the same time, the great warmth of the local inhabitants.

Where they can take a break from everyday life, the rush, where they can truly relax. Because Sorvilan is the perfect place to slow down, to be... and to create! It is a place for everyday, unhurried relationships with people.